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    IT Office Moves

    Time for a change of location or expansion may be a bit overwhelming for small and large businesses. When doing this on your own, many things could go wrong, and considering that this is your business, its best you get professional to help move your IT infrastructure. Our services involves IT office moves in the bay area that ensures your IT infrastructures get to your new location hassle-free and without unwanted complications. Despite common logistics and security challenges, we make your IT move a walk in the park.

    TechGofers provides several IT office moves solutions for the San Francisco bay area which are scalable. You can get services that suit the size and budget of your business, so as a large medium or small company, you can count on our quality services.

    When helping with your IT office moves, we begin by auditing your current setup, we then move on to ensure all your computers accessories, servers, and other hardware in your old site. This helps us maintain your setup and configuration in the new office. We find this helpful because our clients do not feel alienated from their system, and they can get used to their new office configuration in no time.

    Thanks to our professional cleaning labeling and reinstalling cable services, installing your IT and Comms systems can be professionally set up in their new space. Doing this helps us avoid future hazards and trailing cables in the workplace.

    Finally, you are guaranteed the safety of your IT equipment. Having to lose things while moving can put a bad start to your new building, so we ensure your equipment is kept safe all through the process. When we relocate your hardware, we label and store them safely in boxes and containers so that it doesn’t get damaged while in transit to your new site. Our services also ensure that your data isn’t left vulnerable during relocation. By practicing strict security measures, we can ensure that everything stays in the same condition we met it, ensuring you have minimal downtime possible.

    TechGofers will help you, from initial planning through to support on the day of the move. We will go the extra mile to ensure its business as usual for you on day one.

    Typical IT office moves Requirements Include:

    • Ordering and installing internet connection
    • Running new or additional network points and cables.
    • Disassemble and safety pack equipment from the old site and transfer to new.
    • Reinstall existing equipment at a new site
    • Install any new equipment or software
    • Move and set up telephone systems including liaising with providers
    • We will work during the evening and weekends to minimize disruption
    • On-site support on move day to ensure everything goes smoothly

    We’ve helped several other businesses complete IT office moves in bay area, and we look forward to working with you.

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