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    Are you in need of IT solutions? If you are, welcome to TechGofers, the IT solutions company. With many businesses sprouting and wanting to grow, they will need help specifically in the area of IT as we live in a technology-driven age. TechGofers offers small to medium-sized businesses with easy and actionable IT solutions that fit their budget and business needs.

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    Engage with our team today for a network assessment and a full network report

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    Our on-boarding process takes into account any remediation tasks

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    Relax and focus on growing your business.

    Managed IT Services

    Our management services relieve you of the burden of maintaining and budgeting your business’s IT spending to cut costs and improve production. With stakeholders still maintain oversight of what we do; however, we take on most of the workload. Whether you’re a business executive, an operations manager, or somehow just ended up with IT responsibilities, using our managed services will make your job easier. With our team’s help, you’ll gain the capabilities of an IT department with experienced professionals' expertise, which helps you deliver better services and focus on what matters most. Our services are designed and tailored to each business differently, from the most basic of office setups to those difficult tasks or applications that require a sophisticated approach when handling.

    Network Monitoring

    Be it WAN, LAN, VolP, MPLS, or other network connections, our experts are more than happy to help you monitor your business networks' status. This is essential as it enables all the systems in an organization to stay connected among themselves, as well as maintaining your connection to the outside world. Our network monitoring service assesses the performance of your networking activities as we check for various parameters. If there are any anomalies, we notify you immediately so that approval can be granted to take steps in correcting such irregularities. Our Network monitoring services ensures you get real time reports as well as repairs when needed.

    IT Projects

    With major advances in technology, IT projects have become so complicated that experts with years of experience are required. Our professionals help manage, plan, organize, and account for all your IT goals. Since the need for IT cuts across most businesses, there is hardly a limit on what these projects would involve. This creates a problem for many organizations because IT projects break beyond applying knowledge, aligning skills, and using regular tools or techniques to achieve your goals. Working with us to handle your IT projects allows us to take care of those challenges.

    Cloud Management

    The cloud is becoming an essential aspect of our lives. We can now save data and retrieve them anywhere as long as we have an Internet connection. We can back up our devices for security purposes and a whole lot more, thanks to the cloud. Cloud management is important and, it is vital only professionals who are both skills full and experienced are put in charge. That is what we offer. You enjoy cloud management in areas such as cloud users, data, application, and services) is adequately managed to prevent a breakdown or breach.


    Are you thinking of the best ways to keep your mobile users happy? Mobile devices have grown to be so popular in our lives today, and if you haven't gotten an MDM solution, you probably missing out on several growth and development opportunities. Mobile data management is employed to simplify and enhance the IT management of your business. We play a vital role in improving your device supportability, scalability, security, and cooperate functionality. We offer all these in a way that we still maintain our user flexibility. MDM is used in managing cooperate data segregation, securing emails, securing cooperate documents across devices, integrating and managing mobile devices as well as laptops and other computer devices.


    When moving to a new site, businesses have to remove, sort, and label and reinstall cable connections when they move into the new building. This is no doubt stressful, but what if you had someone do it for you? TechGofers will help you properly remove and reinstall the cable connections in your new site, helping you ensure you wouldn’t have a cable spaghetti you do not understand. With our help, the right cables go in the correct ports, so we avoid delays, and you can get back on your feet quickly.

    A/V Services

    Are you looking for a single source for you’re A/V needs? We offer you end to end delivery of your full A/V needs. This service includes:

    • Consulting
    • system design
    • system integration
    • equipment installation
    • A/V equipment and technology, and more.

    Our experts deliver solutions that unite people and technology.

    IT Office Moves

    Transferring your infrastructure to a new one can be a difficult task. It is also stressful, and when done wrong, it could have dangerous side effects. Or do you lack how to begin and what to do when moving on your own? Do not worry; TechGofers will help you do that in a manner that nothing is lost during the process. We will migrate your IT system and get them set up in a new place, ensuring that they are deployed and working correctly in no time.<br /> Gofers have proven itself to be professionals in managing IT services of all sorts. These services ensure that businesses like yours get to grow and achieve the vision you have for it. With IT management service like ours, you open up your business to a lot of new opportunities. So join the movement and give us a try today.

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    Exceptional 24/7 customer support by highly trained technicians

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    We keep focusing on latest technology trends and practices to provide the latest managed IT services to our clients

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    Our User-end applications are designed for high user-friendly experience with how to use tutorials.

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    Maintaining 5-star reviews by providing the best customer satisfaction in Bay Area.

    Cloud computing

    GoFers manages all the data center backups on online servers for quick backups to avoid downtimes.

    Connect easily

    We focus on high-speed optimizations in server connections for less time turn-around.